Top 10 Pakistani Bloggers & Their Blogs

Top 10 Pakistani Bloggers & Their Blogs

Top 10 Pakistani Bloggers & Their Blogs, Find best Bloggers of Pakistan and their Websites regular Earning.Top 10 Pakistani Bloggers & Their Blogs

Blogging is the best way to earn passive or regular earnings online. Blogging is the best way to express your thoughts or experience online. You can easily share your articles about anything which you had knowledge in it.

Like other countries, Pakitan also produced countless Top Bloggers Pakistani Bloggers play a vital role to bring a huge volume of the dollar to the country. Many of the best Pakistani bloggers help other beginners to learn the best ways to run a blog.

There are many people who were earning a huge amount of money from their blogs and websites, but here we were going to discuss only the Top 10 Pakistani Bloggers & their Blogs list below.

10. Ali Qayyum (Smashinghub.Com)

Ali Qayyum is one of the hard-working guys, how to make his place in the Top Ten Bloggers of Pakistan before many times ago. He did his MBA from the COMSATS University of Lahore. Ali has a huge experience in blogging as he started his blogging career in the year of 2009.

Ali Qayyum running a brand blog named “”.

9. M Tanveer Nandla (

A very big name on the list of top Pakistani bloggers is M Tanveer Nandla. Tanveer doing his best efforts in the field of Digital Marketing and Blogging for the people of Pakistan. He teaches a large number of students across the world, especially Pakistani youngsters.

He builds thousands of successful entrepreneurs in Pakistan. He face a lot of hardships but he did not lose hope and kept on working hard. During his studies, he started working on Google Adsense. When he passed his graduate degree his earning is also a minimum of 6 figures. Tanveer Nandla also got the best blogger award in the year of 2019 from the World Bank and KPTI board of Peshawar.

8. Muhammad Umer Idrisi (

Now like other famous Pakistani Bloggers Umer Idrisi is also well known due to his experience and earnings. Umer is especially famous for the writing and editing industry. He doing his best efforts in the field of digital and social media marketing as well.

7. Fazeel Usmani (Fazeelusmani.Com)

Fazeel is also one of the top-rated Pakistani bloggers who is doing personal and public blogging since very old times. He has perfect command of Blogging as well as Social media optimization. Fazeel Usmanin helps a lot of people in terms of being a stable blogger and SEO expert. His aim is to make people financially stable through his guide blog.

6. Fatima Wahab (

She is one of the well known young female bloggers from Pakistan, who served in this field many times ago. Fatima Wahab is a computer since graduated, she did a job and blogging. She shares her personal experience with windows, Android, Mac, Linux and also IOS on her blog.

5. Mohammad Ismail (CartVela.Com)

Those people who do blogging or work on Youtube must be familiar with the name Muhammad Ismail. He is also a very stable entrepreneur from Pakistan who educate people through blogging and video tutorials. He earned a handsome amount through blogging, SEO and also Youtube.

4. Abdul Wali Khan (OnlineUstaad.Com)

Wali is the biggest name in the field of blogging in Pakistan. He is well known due to his one of the top-rated blogs “” where Abdul Wali shares his experience with blogging and SEO. He teaches thousands of people, his students not only from Pakistan but also from across the globe. His best service is that he teaches people about these all techniques in the “Urdu” language.

3: Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai (MyBloggerTricks.Com)

Mohammad is a young entrepreneur and blogger who runs a number of blogs from his living room. He is a passionate blogger and SEO expert with a degree in computer engineering. He helps people worldwide through his blog.  He is among one of those bloggers in Pakistan who do not need any kind of introduction.


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2: Amir Atta (ProPakistani.Com)

Amir Atta knew by his one of the most top-rated brand blogs ProPakistani. He is a young and passionate blogger earning tons of dollars from blogging that’s why we keep him in number two on this list.

1: Syed Moiz Balkhi (WPBeginner)

Syed Balkhi a well known Pakistani American Blogger. He gives a huge boost to blogging in Pakistan. He runs many big brand blogs, builds some of the most popular plugins and tools. Syed Balkhi is no doubt one of the top bloggers in the world, that’s why we also keep him at the top of the Pakistani Bloggers list.

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