How To Check The Number Of SIMs IssuedRegistered On Your CNIC

How To Check The Number Of SIMs Issued/Registered On Your CNIC

In Pakistan, every SIM card is registered against a valid ID card. So it is very important that you must know How To Check The Number Of SIMs Issued/Registered On Your CNIC.

As technology getting progress day by day all over the world, we know that technology has tons of advantages, also have disadvantages too.

How Many SIMs Are Allowed To be Registered Against One CNIC?

If we talk about the number of registered SIM cards on a single CNIC number, some years ago there is no rule about the number of SIM connections for one person. Even at that time, there is no check and balance about the registration of SIM cards people even use them without registration.

But due to the massive misuse of numbers and fake calls, government take serious action against the registration of numbers and they also allowed legally 5 SIM numbers for one person in Pakistan. Also, keep in mind that 5 SIM connections include all networks in total five.

How To Check The Number Of Active SIMs Issued Against Your CNIC?

So it is very important to have knowledge that how many networks SIM cards are running on your name? If you don’t know how to check the registered SIMs on your ID card then here we trying to explain in detail for you.

There are two major ways How To Check The Number Of SIMs Issued/Registered On Your CNIC number. These methods are mentioned below.

  • Through Website
  • Through SMS

Through Website

  • For checking your SIM card connections against your ID card just visit the official PTA website for information about SIM networks.
  • After opening the main page of the website, now they required some important information from you.
  • You have to enter your ID card number in the required fields.
  • After typing your valid CNIC number now click the “Submit” button after clicking the box that I’m not a robot.
  • After hitting submit button now you would receive a complete list of all your registered numbers.

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Through SMS

If you want to check the number of SIM cards registered against your CNIC number by SMS, then follow the written below.

  • First of all, open the new text area from your cell phone.
  • Now write straight without any character your ID card number.
  • After typing your CNIC number now send the text message on “668“.
  • Once you send your ID card number on “668”, now you have to wait for some moments then you get a text message on your number.
  • This received text explains all the numbers of registered networks SIMs on your CNIC.

Note: In terms of checking your numbers registrations details every text cost RS. 2 include tax.

How To Block A SIM Card Registered Against Your CNIC?

In case you don’t want to use any of your numbers, batter you just turned it off from the network. Because through doing that you are not responsible for any action on future from this number. Just follow the steps below for blocking your number.

  • First of all, you have to visit the nearest services house or franchise for the specific network.
  • Here you are required to show your original CNIC card first.
  • You are also liable to fill out a detailed form.
  • After the completion of the form, your desired number is blocked for any future services.

Through these methods, you can check all networks registered numbers inquiry like Jazz, Telenor, Ufone & Zong. If you found this guide is helpful for your then must share your reviews here below in the comment section.

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