Some Famous Facts About Lahore the City of Gardens


Lahore is the city of Punjab Province and also known as the heart of Punjab. After the rich heritage of Mughal empires Lahore also known as the city of gardens. Lahore is the historical cultural place of Punjab and the second biggest city of Pakistan. According to the history, the city Lahore was founded thousands of the years ago by the place of lava or lav, after some time which was changed with “Lavhur” and then “Lahore”. Let’s talk about Lahore famous historical places and the facts about its rich culture.

Minar-e-Pakistan is the national monument and famous historical place of Pakistan, which is located in Lahore and also known as Minto Park. Minar-e-Pakistan tower was built in 1960 to 1968. This tower has attached with the people hearts because on this place All-India Muslim league first legal announcement was held for separation of the subcontinent and independent homeland for the Muslims on 23rd March 1940. The tower was designed by the expert engineer and the highly qualified architecture that belonged to Punjab.


Badshahi Mosque:
The Badshahi mosque is one of the oldest mosques of Pakistan which was built by the Mughal architecture in the Mughal era and the second largest mosque in Pakistan. The mosque was commissioned by the emperor Aurangzeb and constructed in 1671 to 1673. The mosque was decorated with the carved red sandstone with marble inlay. The Badshahi mosque is located in west Lahore. After the fall down of the Mughal empires the mosque was used as a garrison by the Sikh empire and the British Empire and now this mosque is known as one of the most iconic places of Pakistan.

Badshahi Mosque

Lahore Museum:
The Lahore museum is one of the most visited and highly regards museums in Pakistan. The Lahore museum was founded in 1865 during the British colonial period. The Museum is directly located in front of the building as well as Zamzam gun, which is written in the famous British novel Kim, written by the Rudyard Kipling. The Museum is now famous for its extensive collection of Buddhism from the ancient India-Greek and the Gentiles. The Museum of Origin was originally established at the place of the current talent market in 1865-66 – an exhibition built for 1864 Punjab exhibition. The current museum building was designed by the Lahori architecture Sir Ganga Ram.

Lahore Museum

Now let’s talk the facts of rich culture about Lahore

Food Paradise:
Lahori food is one of the most famous foods across Pakistan. Lahore has a vast range of food and all items of food are completely desi food which is also known as Punjabi food. Lahori’s are known for their hospitality and surprise. ‘Lahore ki Shaan, Mazadar pakwaan’, this is another way to put it. Lahori famous food items are, phajjay kay paye, Amritsari hareesa, Saqib halwa puri, fiqay ki lassi, muhammadi nihari and sheermal, butt karahi, tooba kay chanay and kulcha, katlama, Lahori chargha and yousaf falooda and the fact is that no one can resist from these food items not only these people of Lahore are specially known for their love towards food and hospitality for the visitors.

Food Paradise

When you are in Lahore you would have a number of things and festivals to entertain yourself. Lahore arranges National Horse and Cattle Show at Fortress Stadium every year and in these festivals, people get entertained by tent pegging, folk dances, camel and horse dances, tattoo shows and much more. Despite this, in every spring season, Jahn-e-Bahran has been arranged at Jilani Park along with the floral exhibition. The canal has been decorated with lots of lights, models, and flowers throughout the spring season. Moreover, the Urs of Hazrat Data Gunj Baksh has also been arranged at a huge level and people came from far areas to join this event.


Lahore has the highest education system in Pakistan. The old University of Punjab has two campuses in the city. Other senior and famous learning institutions include Government College University (GCU), Family Crescent College and Women for Canary College. National College of Arts, a special art arts institute is also located here. This city is known for Pakistan’s most prestigious High School and College, Aquinas College Lahore. Other institutions include Central Model School, St. Anthony School, Beacon House School System, Lahore College of Arts and Sciences (LAA) and Lahore Grammar School (LGS). Students from far areas came here to study in well-known and prestigious institutes to make their future better.