Wah Cantt City Complete Survey

Wah Cantt City Complete Survey

Wah Cantt is located in the beautiful area of the Punjab province of Pakistan with pleasant natural weather attractions. Wah military cantonment has belonged to Taxila Tehsil of the District Rawalpindi. Wah Cantonment is considered the 22nd Largest city according to its population in Pakistan.Wah Cantt City Complete Survey

Wah Cantonment city considered an Ancient city of the world, has an old history connected with the Mughal era, according to history Wah is adjacent to the Jehangir a famous Mughal emperor.

It said that when Jehangir is on the way to Lahore coming back from Kashmir in some references its also written like that the Jehangir with his army coming back from the mission Kashmir, different history writers, wrote that it was the evening time and after mission Kashmir Jehangir with army want to stay a suitable place for spending the night and rest that time they were surrounding barren land and mountains area. ‘

Spend some time of the search for a pleasant place finally they found a natural spring, a source of pure drinking water pleasant atmosphere, so at that moment when the great Mughal king Jehangir just have a first look at that amazing site, he suddenly shouts “Wah” like in English we say “Wow”  Wah is also given same expression and feeling in Urdu or Hindi as in the English language “Wow” world gives. So after that day, people start calling Wah to this beautiful area. This beautiful discovery, later on, gives meaningful advantages to the land to people till present times. Wah Garden is still realizing the connection of Mughal history with the city.

After the partition of Indo-Pak, Pakistan as the new country has not many facilities of arm and ammunition, so the government of Pakistan takes some proper actions to make an ordnance factory in the Wah area of Punjab. Wah Cantonment or Cantt was founded in the year 1951 that time Mr Khawaja Nizim-u-Din was the Prime Minister of Pakistan, he also exposes the Ordnance Factories Wah Cantt Pakistan at that time. In Wah city people of different caste and religions were living with freedom, people who were living in the city were very skilled and educated with hardworking behaviour, most people were working in factories here.

People of Wah were hardworking, educated and they also get natural springs so that’s why they had good health. Wah is also a mixed cultured city as people from different ethnics and backgrounds were living in the city, so that’s why we can see a mixed cultured image in the character of people or you can say culture from Khyber to Karachi can be seen here.

What is Wah Cantt famous for?

Do you know Wah Cantt is famous due to its literacy rate? If you don’t know before then you must be going shocked to know that Wah Cantonment city has a 100% literacy rate in Asia. Wah Cantt has well ranked two charted universities, one Engraining college and one well known medical college, and also have many well-organized school and colleges working in the city. So as Wah is usually known as a well-educational city of Punjab Pakistan, parents encourage their kids to study more in the top universities of Pakistan and also in other countries. Wah Cantt is also well known due to its largest bicycles in any city of Pakistan overall.


As Wah Cantt is a famous Military Cantonment, security institutes were always alert and stick for any kind of even little spy activity, so for security reasons wah roads are completely lockdown for local traffic but only you can pass through the barriers controlled by the Military Security Guards. All kinds of vehicles must have entrance passes before entering the city otherwise no one can enter the city without the pass. Car drivers can get a temporary pass after submitting their original ID cards to the Military security guards. The pass they get after surrendering their IDs can help during the visit to the city. Before leaving the city they get back their original National Identity cards.

The Best Attractions In Wah Cantt

According to visiting point of view no doubt Wah Cant have many beautiful and historical places for chill out in the city. As there are many places to visit so it’s hard to talk about all of them so here we trying to cover some of the most famous visiting attractions. So have a look at these famous attractions of the city below.

Mughal Gardens Wah
Jaulian Buddhist Monastery
Taxila Ruins
Khanpur Dam
Taxila Museum
Karakoram Highway

Mughal Gardens Wah

Wah Gardens also called Mughal Gardens is located in Hassan Abdal Wah Punjab Pakistan. People from all over the world come here to see the beauty of Mughal Gardens as it’s an old times Garden that belongs to Mughal Emperor Akbar, so also students of history also visit the garden for educational purposes.

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Jaulian Buddhist Monastery

In the 2nd-century and ancient university in the world, CE Jaulian is built by Kushan Empire near old Taxila. If you looking forward to the ancient and rich old history place
Jaulian Buddhist Stupa & Monastery is the best choice for you.

Taxila Ruins

From 1863-64 to 1872-73 the father of Indian archaeology named Sir Alexander Cunningham identify the local site with ancient Taxila which is known as Saraikhala, later on, more than 20 years this work is continued by Sir John Hubert Marshall.


Sirkap is a historical site situated on the opposite bank of Taxila Punjab Pakistan. In 180 BC king Demetrius a Greco-Bactrian build the Sirkap city. If you are crazy about historical places then don’t miss visiting that ancient city near Taxila Wah Cantt.


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