Faysal Bank Internet Banking

Faysal Bank Internet Banking

Faysal Bank Limited is one of the most famous brands of Banking systems in Pakistan. The name Faysal was used as the Late king Shah Faisal of Saudi Arabia.Faysal Bank Internet Banking

Bahraini Bank was purchased by Mohammed bin Faisal Al Saud, in the year of 1987 he is the son of Shah Faisal. Now, these days Faysal Bank Limited is considered the top Islamic Bank in Pakistan. It achieved the up-level among people of Pakistan within a very short time. It gains rapid growth in the list of its clients all over Pakistan. Faysal Bank is the name of trust and quality, which always cares about the best services and reliable banking system for its customers.

The Faysal Public bank has its headquarter in the biggest city of Pakistan, Karachi. It was founded in Pakistan in the year of 1994. It is dealing with all types of services. It is well known because of its best E-Banking. In Pakistan, Faysal Bank converts its self is an Islamic Bank in 2014. Mr Yousaf Hussain was the CEO (Cheif Executive Officer and President) of the organization. It was established its beautiful branches in various popular cities of Pakistan. Thousands of trusted and brilliant staff members are working with them.

Faysal Bank Internet Banking

Faysal Bank Limited is also considered in the top 10 banking brands in Pakistan. Like other banks, Faysal Bank also offers the best quality internet banking. If you looking forward to the Faysal Bank Internet Banking system then here you will get a complete guideline about it with details. With Faisal Bank, the banking system is just at your fingertips. It allowed you through Internet Banking, to control and operate all of your accounts transactions and activities.

Faysal Bank Online Banking Registration

The registration procedure is very simple and required no time, you have to just follow the simple step for activation of your online banking system with Faysal bank. Just visit the official website of Faysal Bank and open the login area of the website. Just enter your account details which are given to you by them.

Faysal Bank Internet Banking Features

Their online banking system is known as Digibank. With the high system of the bank now customers very relaxing and confident about the matters of all type of their finance and receipts. Banking became more secure and fast through Faysal Internet Banking. Faysal Digibank offers rapid and instant banking solutions just with a single click. One more best thing about its banking system is that the control of finance and transactions is in a very simple way like you don’t need to be a highly educated person, means the corporation build this system for all types of educated or non-educated people so that everyone able to use its features and services.

Access & Control Multiple Accounts

Through the secure E-Banking system, you would be able to use various services and offers through multiple account types. You can keep using all your features about your account like you were able to, transfer your funds, watch your statements, about utility bills, and more.

Faysal DigiBank Funds Transfer

The quality of service is to just transfer your funds without any inconvenience and delay through the fast online banking system of Faysal bank. The secure and reliable funds transfer option allows users to send funds from their account to other Faysal Digibank Account. The one more best thing is that they also allow you to transfer participating 1link account also just as quickly as taking a glass of water.

Credit Card and Loan Repayments

Without any inconvenience, the users of Faysal Bank can take facilitate themselves with the superb service of Credit on their cards. Whenever any client is in need of funds he/she would be able to utilize the facility of taking credit on their cards in terms of shortage of funds. So internet banking allows users to control credit cards online and they also give facilities to clients that they can repayments their funds or credit through their Digibank account.

Faysal DigiBank Telecom Payments and Top-ups

One of the most popular services by Faysal Digibank is to allow its customers that they can able to handle their Telecom utilities online. The person who created his account to use the E-banking services of the bank, may not need to go to any authorized point for the payments of their utility or telecom bills. Customers would be able to pay their pre-paid mobile bills online through their Digibanking account, these Mobile Networks take steps with it to receive their bills online by customers through it.

  • Jazz
  • Ufone
  • Zong
  • Telenor
  • Warid
  • Payments of Utility Bills

Faysal Bank always works for the facility and easiness of its customers, with the help of Faisal bank Digibank service, you do not need to go to banks and stand in the long queues for the payment of your utility bills like internet bills, gas bills, electric bill and more. You would pay the following companies’ bills through Faysal E-Banking.

  • PTCL – Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd
  • EVO PostpaidEVO Prepaid
  • Wateen – Wateen Telecom Ltd
  • Wi-Tribe – Wi-Tribe Pakistan Ltd
  • Landline & Broadband
  • Landline (Corporate)
  • Vfone Prepaid
  • LESCO – Lahore Electric Supply Company
  • KESC – Karachi Electric Supply Company
  • SNGPL – Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Ltd
  • SSGC – Sui Southern Gas Pipelines Ltd

Faysal Bank Beneficiary Maintenance

Users can register their accounts on their phone numbers and their emails, through that registration clients would be received each transactions free alert. It also gives the option to its clients that they can manage all their transactions abut, utility bills, internet bills, and other funds transfer transactions.

Faysal DigiBank Self Service

With just a single click the customers of Faysal Banks are able to do different kinds of actions free like if they feel any problem about cheque or draft after issue, they able to just stop payment of that cheque. Its Oline Banking also allows customers to gain countless facilities about different kinds.

Security Awareness & Tips

Phishing Scam

It is a fraudulent activity where scammers send emails, in a professional way, where the phishing page looks real and they sent it to targeted customers, in such fake forms they ask users to create accounts or fill in their real information.


Do not click on any email for updating personal information because they never ask you.
Never reply in your email sections with your username, password, or PIN number.
Always verify your information on a personal basis if through email.
Because of system updating, they never need you to confirm important information through email.
To Be very clear, they never as you about your, username, user id, PIN, T-PIN, or passwords.
They always verify for https://www.mobit.com.pk/ whenever you want to open Mobile Banking or Faysal Digi bank.

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How to Recognize Scams

There are many tricks increasing day by day, these encourage you to do different steps but never go for them even they look real.

In mostly emails or messages force you to fill in your personal information like user name, password, account number, CNIC number, and date of birth type real information.
These massages are created like sends in an urgent way.
If you see it with little care the web page does not look like the real Bank website page, also the domain address also does not match like in domain name there is missingness of the letter “S” after the “HTTP://”
The weblink is also in a pop-up form which is not matched the real text.
Ways to Authenticate Faysal Digibank – Mobile Banking Website

Always turn on the browser setting for the protection of pushing. Every time you want to access the Digibank account through the browser, the first thing must check is that the link you open is protected by the close lock icon just the status bar.

  • How To Enable Filters On Browsers
  • Google Chrome
  • Open Google Chrome First.
  • On the top right corner of the browser click on the 4-bar icon.
  • From the drop-down list select “Setting”
  • Select “Advanced Setting”
  • Under “Privacy Setting” Unable the malware protection & pushing protection.
  • At the end restart the browser.
  • Internet Explorer
  • Open Internet Explorer First.
  • From Top Menue select Tools.
  • From the Drop Down List choose the smart screen filter.
  • Choose the ON button for Smart Screen FILTER.
  • Now make restart the Internet Explorer.
  • Firefox
  • First of all open Firefox Browser.
  • Choose “Security Tab” from the Option.
  • Block reported web forgeries and Block reported attacked sites selected for both options”Enable” button.
  • At the end restart the Firefox Browser.

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