How To Track TCS Tracking Number Of Package

How To Track TCS Tracking Number Of Package

TCS is the most popular courier service provider company in Pakistan. Every day countless people use the services of TCS to send or receive their packages at their doorsteps.How To Track TCS Tracking Number Of Package

As people of Pakistan often prefer TCS to other logistics agencies, because they are serving the nation for more than 40 years. It getting popularity rapidly in the field of logistics services, with the empressing services by company people give them the title “TCS Kardo“, actually it is a great achievement for the company to get titled by the general people due to best services and trust.

When you send something to another place towards your loved ones or family, whatever you send but here one thing is very important that, when you avail the service of any courier company for dispatching your parcel or gifts, you must to know that when is your package is arrived or delivered actually. So for removing this tension barrier different logistics companies provide a tracking id for the package. It is the top-ranked shipping brand so it also allows its customers to track their packages with a courier tracking number, that’s why people trust this delivery company for sending their things.

What Is A Courier Tracking System?

A bar code is assigned to the sender of the parcel, which may help to find the location or aspected delivery time. Tracking Number is the unique code allot to every parcel or packages.

The courier track system comes in existence when a sender or receiver of the item is looking worried about the delivery, he may have no idea that when his package is delivered or received, with keeping in view these kinds of wariness of customers and users, various companies think about to introduced some systems to get know about the location of the package and also assume when the parcel or shipping is received or send actually. The company also offered a reliable tracing system to facilitate their customers, as other companies do.

Methods For Track TCS Package

As this logistic company always cares about its reliable customers, so in terms of courier finding system they also allow you to track your package in different easy ways. Here we mentioned 4 easy ways to track the TCS package.

  • By Visiting TCS Website
  • By Email
  • By SMS
  • By Call TCS Helpline
  • By Visiting TCS Website

When a customer ship a parcel or package TCS provides a parcel code or track number, This tracking code is given, which helps a customer track the parcel’s real-time delivery and location.

Here in this method, you have to follow the very simple steps below.

  • Go to TCS Website
  • Enter Tracking Number

First of all, simply visit The link and just type your tracking number and click on the “Track” button, and you will get your parcel details about delivery time and locations.

By Email

If you don’t want to use the upper method, then here they allow you to use another method for tracking your parcel online, n that method you just need to send an email to the company from using your mailing app just write the tracking code in your email subject and also in the description portion, and send it to their email. You will receive an email in response to your email, in which you get the proper location and delivery time of your package. Follow the below steps.

  • Open your Mailing App or Website
  • Send Email to [email protected]
  • Enter your tracking number of the package in the subject portion of the mail and then also type the tracking code in the body of the mail and send it to the official mail of the company.
  • After a few moments, you would receive a responsive mail with detail from TCS.


The Company provides more ways for tracking just for the ease of its reliable customers. Here is another method we were going to discuss, if you don’t have the internet facility but want to know the location and time of delivery about your packages. Simply open your mobile messaging app and in the massage portion, type your tracking id and send it to +923332177168.

Just follow the steps for easy results.

  • Open Massaging app from your Mobile.
  • Write down your parcel tracking number which you get at the time of shipment.
  • Now send message to +923332177168
  • After some moments you will receive an SMS.

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By Call TCS Helpline

One of the easiest ways to get details about your package is just simply direct call the customer care officer at their office. All you need to do is just dial the number and direct discus and get your parcel details, that when to reach and where it is now. Call +9221111123156 this number for parcel tracking.

Daraz and Other E-Commerce Platforms TCS Tracking

In case you purchase any product or good from Daraz or any other online shopping store, and you should not get yet your order or you want to know the exact date of the delivery on your location,  then you may directly ask the customer service of them and they will inquire on behalf of you from the Leopards courier, that way your parcel still not delivered on your desired location or why the delay in the delivery of the product.

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