Jazz Internet Packages Daily, 3 Days, Weekly, and Monthly

Jazz Internet Packages

Pakistan’s largest internet and cellular providing company Mobilink Jazz offer a lot of suitable 3G-4G Internet packages for the people of Pakistan.Jazz Internet Packages Daily, 3 Days, Weekly, and Monthly

If you are also a mobile user and using the network as Mobilink jazz, then you were on the right place, because here you can get latest updates about Jazz Internet Packages.

Now, these days there is no life without an Internet connection, the net became compulsory for every person,  Jazz mobile provides different types of net Packages to meet the needs of people. It’s impossible that we have mobile and we were not using the net at present time, the Internet makes life easy and better, we can be connected with the whole world through the net. Every single person across the glob feel like is nothing without a net. Jazz is a very famous network in Pakistan that always meets the expectations of the common people, with their affordable net packages prices.

Mobilink Jazz offers different types of amazing suitable and cheap net packages like daily internet packages, weekly net packages and monthly internet packages for all. Here we cover all the latest and old affordable 3G and 4G net packages for you with complete detail and their procedure.

Jazz Daily Internet Packages

Jazz provides cheap and affordable 3G, 4G daily internet packages for all. Different types of amazing net packages fulfil your need, you can choose your package according to your need and budget. The company offers various types of existing and new best internet packages for you at cheap prices. [wptb id=918]

Jazz has a daily bundle for example “Daily Mega Package”, this package offers 1000 MB’s for the whole day and charges are also very surprised you can not imagine if you before not using Mobilink, charges of “Daily Mega Package” is just rupees 25 (including tax). Jazz reliable customers can subscribe to this package by dialling *117*4# from the dial number option of their mobile phones, customers can also use the very helping app from the Mobilink named “Jazz World app” for activation of this 3G or 4G daily internet bundle.[wptb id=924]

If you want to renew this amazing internet bundle you can subscribe again because this bundle can not be automatically renewed. The subscriber of this bundle can check the status by dialling *117*4*2#. You can also check your daily package status from the Mobilink world app. There are also many other daily internet affordable bundles offered by jazz. Some of the popular packages are listed below.

  • Daily Youtube and Social
  • Super Ghanta Offer
  • Daily Extreme Bundle
  • Daily Youtube and Social

Customers can apply Daily Youtube and Social bundle from the jazz world app or simply by dialling *968# from their mobile phones. Daily Youtube and Social Bundle provide 1 GB of data of video-sharing website Youtube and also for other social networks like famous social networking sites Facebook and Whatsapp for the whole of the day. This package is also very cheap and you can subscribe to this bundle for just 15 Rupees including tax.

Super Ghanta Offer

Super Daily Offer is also a suitable bundle for people, you can enjoy 150 MB of fast internet, and in just 17 including tax rupees, you can get 50 SMS and 1440 jazz to jazz free minutes for 24 hours. All those customers who want to take the opportunity by this amazing offer can dial *212# or they can dial *444# and then choose a super daily offer. After 24 hours this offer will be expired and customers have to renew it again if want to continue for the next day.

Mobilink also has some awesome location base offers, for instance, Sindh daily offer, which offers 1500 SMS daily, Unlimited Mobilink minutes and 250 MB 2 G/3 G and 4 G data. The company charged just 12 Rupees including tax for the whole day. This amazing offer is just for the people of Sindh province, they can subscribe to this offer by dialling *522#, till midnight the subscriber of this offer bundle can use it, after this, they have to choose it again.

Daily Extreme Bundle

The daily extreme bundle provides you 2 GB of internet for 12 AM to 12 PM just in RS 15 (Including Tax). This Bundle is valid for 24 hours and you can subscribe to this offer by dialling *757# minimum recharge required for subscription is 17 rupees.[wptb id=926

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages

As a company providing amazing daily internet packages same like here also available superb weekly internet bundles. If you were browsing jazz weekly internet packages for your mobile then you were on the right post on our web. Packages like “Weekly Mega” offer reliable customers. Where customers can get just 210 rupees including tax 7 GB of the net for the whole of the week. All prepaid customers can active this weekly package by dialling *159# or can also visit the jazz world offer. Same as daily net bundles this package is also not subscribed again, you just need to be active again. For knowing the details of the package you need to dial *159*2#.[wptb id=928]

The Company also provides some of the amazing and affordable weekly net packages for their customers for instance weekly mega plus package, weekly social bundle, weekly extreme bundle etc. Through these packages, customers can enjoy high 4G net services from all over the country.

Jazz weekly mega plus bundle offers, 24 GB internet and free TV subscription in just RS 267 including tax. This mega plus bundle is for all those people who want to use the net continuously without tension, they can simply utilize this mega offer. Prepaid users have to dial *453# for the activation of this offer or they can visit the jazz mobile app. After the activation of this superb offer needs to dial the *2299# for a further TV subscription.[wptb id=931]

Jazz also entertain its customers through all in all location-based offer bundles. The Company offers many location-based offers for people from all over the country, like “Sargodha Weekly Offer”, “Taxila Haftawar Data Offer” Through all these city-wise offers company clearly shows how it’s been touched with the hearts of the customers.

Sargodha Weekly Offers the citizen of Sargodha city enjoy that amazing offer, people of Sargodha city can get 2000 MB net, 2000 SMS, and 2000 on-net minutes for one week. The charge for this package is just RS 88.9 including tax. Simply Dial *627# for getting this Sargodha Weekly Offer activation.

Taxila Haftawar Offers the same as the Sargodha bundle offers the people of Taxila city. This offers allows 5GB of internet data for one week just in 119.5 rupees including tax. For the activation of this offer dial *596#.

Super-Duper Bundle is all in all bundle internet pack. This weekly package is activated I just 210 rupees including tax, customers can get 1500 SMS, 1500 Free Minutes and 60 other networks minutes, and 3 GB of data. If anyone wants to get in this bundle just dial *770# or head over to the jazz world app for activation.[wptb id=934]

Jazz Monthly Internet Packages

The company has since lunch many superb plans of the internet for the public lunches fo at affordable price across the country. The company has some of the cheapest and reliable internet bundles for users. Company lunches amazing monthly net bundles like “Monthly Social”, “Monthly Mega Plus”, “Monthly Supreme”, and many more affordable packages.[wptb id=936]

The monthly Social bundle offer 12000 SMS and 5 GB of data for social like Facebook, Whatsapp and IMO. This bundle charges just 89 including tax, for the subscription to this offer dial *661#.

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The monthly mega Plus bundle offers the regular users of Jazz 12 GB outstanding speed internet, charges for this offer is just 349 Rupees including tax for the complete month. The consumption of this offer is just 6 GB from 2 AM to 2 PM and the 6 GB remaining data you can consume at any time. For activation of this bundle just dial *117*30#.[wptb id=939]

Jazz Monthly Supreme is an affordable offer by the company for just 499 Rupees including tax you can enjoy the whole month fast internet 20 Gb data. Just dial *117*32# for the activation of this package.

The company also offered a location-based monthly package, these bundles allow you to get net and also free minutes not only jazz to jazz but also you can get minutes and SMS for other networks too. The company offers Facebook for the people of Karachi, this offer allows 5 GB of data for Facebook for the complete month. The Charges for this offer are just 44.5 for the residents of Karachi.

Another hybrid bundle for jazz users is named “Monthly Super-Duper”. In just RS 600 including Tax users can enjoy 3000 SMS, 150 other network minutes, 3000 jazz minutes, and 5 GB net data. For the activation of this monthly subscription dial *706#. If need more information about various jazz internet packages then just have a look at the below chart.[wptb id=942]

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