Zong Internet Packages Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Zong Internet Packages

Back in 1991, Zong starts its operations in Pakistan from Cables and Wireless as “Paktel”. It was the very first connection providing company in the boundaries of Pakistan, which got a free license to hold all cellular phone operations. Since the company launched to have the tagline “Say It All” in Urdu “سب کہہ دو”. As time passes company’s changes its slogan as “A New Dream” in Urdu “ایک نیا خواب‎”. The Company has more than 22 Customer Service Centres near about 305 Franchise operating in Pakistan and at least 190,000 Retailers points serving all over the country.Zong Internet Packages Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Millicom Operations purchase Paktel in 2003 from “Cables and Wireless”. In the year 2007, Millicom International S.A wants to sell out its stake to China Mobile. In May 2007 Paktel ltd changed by the name of China Mobile Pakistan. Paktel was rebranded to Zong on 1st April 2008. That was the starting era of mobile networks in Pakistan and Zong’s take all the advantages by offering the cheapest deals for customers.

With the passage of time, the organization introduced reliable packages including 2G, 3G, and 4G. Due to cheap and high-speed services Zong getting increased in customers’ leps and bounds. The company offers a net package like Daily, Weekly, and Monthly bundles at affordable prices.

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With over 10,000 base stations Zong has built the 3rd largest cellular network in Pakistan. Since 2008 China Mobile Pakistan invested more than US$2 Billion to build a strong network in the country. Zong has also 4G+ (LTE-Advanced) services in big cities like Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Multan, Peshawar, Quetta, and Hyderabad.

In August 2019 Zong’s also successfully tested 5G services, now across the country all the postpaid and prepaid customers enjoying the high-speed 5G services.

Zong Daily Internet Packages

Zong is the top-ranked mobile network working in Pakistan, the company getting the fastest response in public and within a very short time, Zong’s achieve a large number of customers from all over Pakistan. The company always facilitates its honourable users with various types of bundles. [wptb id=898]

Zong offers some of the best daily Internet Packages in various varieties, You can get benefits from all these bundles of presents for 24 hours in different shapes, such as “Basic Daily Net Package” and also “Daily Basic Premium Internet Package”. Prices for these bundles vary according to their offering service. [wptb id=900]

Zong Weekly Internet Packages

If you using Zong’s and wants to enjoy its weekly basis net bundles at affordable prices then that post is for, just checking out all kind of weekly net packages and selecting that bundle that fulfils your needs. The best thing is that the company provides very affordable packs for the 7 days of the week. [wptb id=902]

The company launched these packages for postpaid and prepaid customers, all the users can stay in touch with their friends and family by surfing the net and relishing with amazing features of different social media apps. [wptb id=905]

The most commonly used week basis bundles are listed below.

Mega Weekly
Super Weekly Plus
Super Weekly
Monthly Zong Internet Packages

In the different locations of the country, Zong installed solar-powered sell sites, it is the largest powered telecommunications network of Pakistan. [wptb id=907]

Before many time ago Zong with the corporation of Facebook lunches free services, which covers more than 50 categories and allow free access, these free services include Health, Jobs, News, Education, Travel, Entertainment, and many more. [wptb id=909]

Currently, Zong is performing more than 100 cities across the country and the number of cities increasing fastly. Many monthly bundles are offered by the company but the most common and used packs are Monthly Mini 150 and Monthly Premium 3GB. [wptb id=911]

Zong Others Internet Packages

As Zong is the first cellular company that holds the 4G license with the boundaries of Pakitan, Zong always focuses on quality and strong connectivity. According to 2018 reports the company has 5.1 Million 4G LTE customers on another hand it’s having more than 9.1 million 3G customers. The company became the first 4G choice for the people of Pakistan, currently, the 5 million customers are connected with Zong’s 4G Networks Services.

Here as we explain some of the best bundles, so firstly I want to discuss a little “Super Student Bundle”. The Super Student Bundle is created for students, this bundle is specially designed for the students, who were stunning in Pakistan, the company keep all kinds of needs and requirements of the students in mind and then created this student bundle. Sometimes students just need the net for some special work or assignments and usually, they need a few MBs or GBs just for their classwork or assignments. Through The Super-Students Bundle, students should browse easily according to their needs, this bundle must fulfil all internet necessities of the students, no matter the students belong to the schools, colleges, and universities, the packages are best and reliable for all. [wptb id=915]

For the use of Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp they also offer the 2G, 3G, and 4G group net. bundles. This group 2G, 3G, and 4G bundle offers you to share your mobile data with your friends and family. In this package, only one person has to need to buy the data and he can share it with at least 10 people one time all can use it without any issue. When we talk about the quality, This network never disappointed you even you use a group pack of internet. From time to time Zong always offers various types of bundles, with different MBs or Data usage offers. As there is high competition, every network trying to provide its best among all types of services like Internet, Calls, and SMS. [wptb id=918]

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