NayaTel Internet Packages

NayaTel Internet Packages

In the world of broadband networks, Nayatel is also known as a very prominent name in the boundaries of Pakistan. Here we were going to talk about Nayatel Internet Packages, but before we were going to explore the network first.NayaTel Internet Packages

This network is using double fibre cables (FTTH) which enhance the speed of its services. High speed and low prices are part of the company’s values, the company always considered the hard work and honesty and display in its values towards the strong network in the country. As PTCL is spreading its services all over Pakistan, this organization is offering its services only among the big cities only.

They were busy providing the best of best services in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, and Faisalabad. That’s why their trust level and quality of service is much better than other networks, day by day the company trying to increase its user experience with low rates and better connectivity.

Their coverage is just in special cities that’s why they have not compromised on their quality, these big cities are also the hub of high-quality fibre cables which may cause the better service of Nayatel.

The company facilitates both companies and home users, their services are suitable for both. usually, the users who were doing some heavy online businesses or those who love to stream always live, or those who may handle some heavy online operations, prefer their network for reliable service. Nayatel is always better for gamers because if it’s heavy non-stop bundles. There are many affordable internet packages offered by the company which packages are suitable for both home customers and businessmen.

NayaTel Internet Packages

Nayatel Internet Packages offers high-speed and affordable net packages for home-based users and also for corporate. It’s very simple to get a request to the given option by the company for the installation of the package. just select your city and apply for the double fibre net at your doorsteps. The best thing is that you would choose net bundle according to your need like if you are a student and your necessities are to download educational files, like PDF, various assignments even tho you download or upload video courses then you must have to select the package according to your requirements. [wptb id=977]

There are already several students who are connected with the company’s best internet packages. If you were a businessman and required net for business purposes, it is also the best choice. The company nicely compensates for all types of corporate users.

They build a solid connection network in your office space, the company also deals with the comprehensive aspects of connection, like if your company or business have some different location across the city then, of course, you must need connection in all branches, in that case, the company create a strong and reliable Fiber Optic cable network chain for you, which may allow you to easy and fast communicate around the globe.

Nayatel’s best choices for Home-based users, Corporate clients belong to the major cities. For instance, if you lived in Faislabad, you may select the net option for Faisalabad city and the specific area of the certain city. Its Internet Packages offered unlimited and limited internet access bundles for people. There are various types of low rates unlimited net bundles.

Nayatel Home Unlimited 10 offers 10 Mbps bandwidth for the users of twins cities, these most strong double fibre optic connected cities are reliable for cable net. Subscribe to the unlimited data internet and enjoy the best speed services just in RS. 1999.

Nayatel Home Unlimited 15 is offering unlimited usage of internet data to consumers. The charges for the package vary depending upon the city. If you were given in Islamabad the capital city of Pakistan these 15 Mbps bundle charges are RS. 2399 for one month, the charges for Faisalabad city were RS. 2499, and Peshawar’s price for unlimited access is RS. 1799 only. [wptb id=979]

According to Fair Usage Policy in unlimited 10, 15, 20, and unlimited 30 packages company allows 1TB of data to its consumers.

How to Subscribe?

There are some easy ways to subscribe to various internet bundles offered by Nayatel, you can also use the below methods for the subscription purpose.

  • You can subscribe by direct message at WhatsApp +92 302 8555941
  • Activate any Package by direct Call to this number +9251111114444
  • For subscription also email them at [email protected]
  • Login on their website for a subscription
  • You can also Direct visit their customer care centre for the subscription.

Which Cities Cover by Nayatel Coverage?

Nayatel’s services are only covered in the four major cities which are mentioned below.

  • Islamabad
  • Rawalpindi
  • Peshawar
  • Faisalabad
  • How Much NayaTel Charge for one-time installation?

At the time of new connections installation, the company charges 11000 Pakistani rupees for it. Within these charges payment, the basic net and ONT box were included. The whole of the payment also includes the Smart TV and Phone along with the internet.

The price of the box or installation charges also can be paid in installation, if you do not afford it once. ONT box is required for all type of users even someone just need one or two services, the box is compulsory to run the services.

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Warranty For ONT Router

ONT Router CPE and other devices of the company would be only installed by Nayatel’s expert Technicians. The warranty for the router is 3 years given by the company, it includes one year just after the purchase of the router. Try not to repair or uninstall the router by yourself.

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